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Keep Your Joints Safe

Keep Your Joints Safe

Written by Guest Blogger: Dr. Angela Hanlon, ND 

If you’re starting a new exercise program, protecting the body from injury is key. These are some simple but fundamental techniques to protect the body from injury

1)  Tuck the shoulder blades in toward the spine and the ribcage (inward and forward)

2)   Pull the pubic bone upward toward the breastbone.  If you can’t hold it there any longer, then it’s time to stop doing that exercise because you will no longer be doing it in a balanced way that’s protective of your spine and hips.

3)   Lift the front of the ribcage upward.

4)  Keep the trapezius muscles (shoulders) relaxed

5)  When standing, push your feet apart from one another to activate the outer hip and thigh muscles.

6)  Avoid hyper-extending at the knee. Keep a little bend in them.

7)  Stretching is a boring activity for many. However, it’s often key to being able to continue working out regularly without injury.

8)  The approach to stretching is key. It’s easy to waste valuable time. Stretching is putting yourself in a position and letting the muscles work themselves out. It’s not you doing the work, remember that.   I’ve found this to be the best approach.

If you do get injured, whether it’s an accidental twist in a joint, or a repeat strain injury, I can help.  

For information about my approach, read the blog entitled “My Approach to Pain Management” or watch the YouTube video:

Guest Blogger:
Dr. Angela Hanlon, ND
Holistic Healing Arts Centre
274 King George Road, Brantford, Ontario


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