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Canadian Lawn Bowling Championship

Canadian Lawn Bowling Championship

Blind Bowls Association of Canada’s national lawn bowling championship kicked off on September 3 and Tourism Brantford was there to catch all the action and participate in the opening ceremonies.

Some of the best blind lawn bowlers are in Brantford from September 3 to 7 for the championship. Nearly 50 bowlers started playing at the Dufferin Lawn Bowling Club which is hosting the event. There are few games that a totally blind person can play. Lawn Bowling is one game that all visually impaired and totally blind bowlers can participate in. The same rules of lawn bowling for the sighted are followed with some minor alterations. A white string is placed down the middle of the rink that gives a visual marker for those that can see it and, for the totally blind, something to feel to help orient themselves as to where to roll the bowls. Distance markers along the edge tell the bowlers how far the jack (white target ball) is away from them. A director, who is sighted, tells them to backhand or forehand and how much green to take. 

Spectators are welcome to attend any of the games for free. Games are taking place at two times per day, 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. at the Dufferin Lawn Bowling Club.

Tourism Brantford helped welcome the bowlers to the city and supported the tournament from the beginning by providing welcome bags, arranging a group tour and outing at the OLG Casino Brantford, participating in opening ceremonies and offering a welcome table for the first day.

If you are hosting, or looking to host, a sport tournament or event, contact Tourism Brantford today to see how we can help you!





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