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Brantford & Area Restaurant Brochure

Brantford & Area Restaurant Brochure

Let the Brantford & Area Restaurant Discounts and Incentives for Tournaments brochure help you plan your next sporting event! The new planning tool features 18 restaurants and their incredible offers to both leagues and tournaments whose aim is to help and reward sporting teams that support them.

The Restaurant Brochure will be included in Welcome Bags that are handed out to visiting teams and participants at tournaments. As an added bonus to local tournament organizers, the brochure is available online to send out with their tournament registration information. Attendees can book a team meal together and plan their visit before they even arrive.

As the City of Brantford continues to bid for regional, provincial and national tournaments, the Restaurant Brochure will be included in the submission documents to showcase the many dining options available to visiting teams.

The local restaurants offering rewards and incentives are: Addison’s Restaurant & Lounge, Boston Pizza, Domino’s Pizza, East Side Mario’s, Kelsey’s, The Keg, Kings Buffet, Kirby’s Bar and Buffet, Lookout Sports Lounge, Montana’s Cookhouse, Moose Winooski’s, Sherwood Restaurant & Catering, Shoeless Joe’s Sports Grill, Tim Hortons, Tin Cup Sports Grill, Topper’s Pizza, Wacky Wings and The Works.

For local sport leagues, offers include team sponsorships, special team menus and cash back rewards based on in-restaurant purchases. Tournament organizers can benefit from member restaurants offering group discount rates, coupons for participants and cash incentives to organizers.

“As a tournament organizer I find the Restaurant Brochure to be a helpful tool for two reasons. One, it allows us to identify which local restaurants are willing to work with us as organizers to become local headquarters for our events. Thus reducing the prospecting calls which were previously needed, and increasing our probability of success on the first call,” said Chad Asselstine, General Manager, Ball Hockey International. “And secondly, it helps our visitors plan their dining prior to arrival. As an event organizer I can refer them to the brochure upon registration and it helps to show our proactive approach to facilitating a memorable and stress free trip to Brantford.” 

 The Brantford & Area Restaurant Discounts and Incentives for Tournaments and Leagues brochure is one of the many free services offered to sport tournament organizers through Tourism Brantford.  For more information about hosting a tournament or expanding a current tournament, contact us today.


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