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A Brief History of Candy Apples

A Brief History of Candy Apples

Wondering how candy apples, one of this season’s quintessential treats, came to be and where to find the best ones locally?

Other than pumpkin pie perhaps, nothing else welcomes the taste buds to the autumn season quite like the tangy sweet crunch of a shiny red candy apple. The very first candied apples were created in 1908 in Newark, New Jersey by a candy maker who never intended them to be eaten. It was the Christmas season when candy maker William Kolb came up with an idea to add some festive color to his window display of chocolates. While experimenting with a red cinnamon candy he planned to sell for the holidays, he dipped an apple into the sweet tangy mixture, let it harden, and then placed the shiny dipped apples in his storefront window intending them to look like ornaments.

Passersby came in and remarked that Kolb’s display looked good enough to eat so he decided to sell his “ornaments” for 5 cents each. As they say, the history!

Since their accidental start, candy apples have now become crowd favorites with endless options. Whether you are a fan of the traditional cinnamon red or prefer the caramel dipped, chocolate nut crusted or mummified melted chocolate, take a break and indulge your sweet tooth this fall season.

Looking to pick up some of your own candy apples in Brantford this month? Check out Carnival Eats & Treats and Brantwood Farms for traditional red candy apples, or stop by Le Chocolat du Savoie for the caramel-dipped, chocolate-coated variety.


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