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Bistro Greeco Italiano

Bistro Greeco Italiano

Have you taken a trip to West Brant to dine with Bistro Greeco Italiano yet? Offering delicious Greek and Italian food, this restaurant sources its ingredients locally, and all meals are fresh and made to order. Located at 360 Conklin Road, this restaurant offers a dining experience that will make you feel comfortable and at home, while eating delicious food that’s not so easy to replicate in your own kitchen!

The menu at Bistro Greeco Italiano is extensive, and includes Greek and Italian options for a variety of dietary needs, including lighter options, gluten free options, and smaller portion sizes if required. We love the mix of both Greek and Italian dishes, and if you’re like us and have an indecisive (we want to eat it all!) appetite, then their appetizer menu is a great starting point. Enjoy dishes like Saganaki OPA!!!, which is Greek fried cheese flambéed at your table side and served with a pita; Arancini, which are delicious deep-fried rice balls stuffed with mozzarella and served with fresh marinara; and Kofta, which are Greek style meatballs sprinkled with lemon, oregano and tomato sauce for dipping.

Their entrée portions are huge and come with your choice of 3 of the following, so you can customize your meal to exactly what you want: Greek roasted potatoes, French fries, mashed potatoes, rice, Greek or Caesar salad, or add roasted vegetables for an additional charge. Served alongside dishes like Souvlaki (chicken, pork, or beef); Lamb Chops; Veal Sallopini; or Moussaka – a traditional Greek casserole made with eggplant, ground beef, herbs and spices, and topped with béchamel and Pomodoro sauce, baked together until golden.

If pasta is more your thing, try their Seafood Linguine Marinara, Florentine Gnocchi, or their Braised Beef with Butternut Squash Ravioli, customized to your liking with gluten free pasta or additional grilled chicken, salmon, shrimp, or bacon wrapped scallops on top.

Dine-in options give you a sense of their comfortable family ambiance, but you can also order online easily and pick up to enjoy at home. Online orders qualify for 10% off (minimum food purchase of $30 before HST) You can also order beer, wine and mixed drinks to go along with your meal!



Bistro Greeco Italiano




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