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Movies and TV Shows Filmed in Brantford

Movies and TV Shows Filmed in Brantford

Want to add a touch of local pride to your next movie night? Numerous TV series and movies of every genre have been filmed right here in Brantford. Here’s a roundup of some of our favourites from every genre. 

Dystopic Drama - The Handmaid’s Tale

Filming of the fourth season of The Handmaid’s Tale was underway in downtown Brantford at 1 Market Square in March 2020 before being delayed due to COVID-19. The show’s dystopian plot imagines an America changed by a second Civil War into a totalitarian society.

Romantic Comedy - Let It Snow

Last year, the Johnny Be Good Diner on Paris Road became the main set of the Netflix production Let It Snow. The movie tracks the complicated friendships, love lives, and aspirations of a group of high school seniors stuck together during a Christmas Eve snowstorm and is based on the John Green novel of the same name.

Horror - Silent Hill

Based on the popular video game franchise of the same name, this psychological horror film converted downtown Brantford into an eerie, fog-filled ghost town. It follows the story of a mother separated from her adopted daughter after a car crash in a cult-filled city. As she races to find her, she begins to find clues of her daughter’s connection to the town's dark past. 

Sitcom - Schitt’s Creek

This Emmy-nominated show details the Rose family and their fall from wealth as they are forced to leave behind their pampered lifestyle and regroup in the backwater town of Schitt’s Creek. Additional filming for the sixth season’s episodes took place at the Sherwood Motel. You can even see the Sherwood logo on the back of the door 52 seconds into the final season’s trailer.  

Documentary - Mayday: Air Disasters

With over 20 seasons, Mayday is a popular Discovery Chanel program that uses reenactments and computer-generated imagery to reconstruct historic plane crashes. Survivors, aviation experts, and crash investigators are interviewed to reveal how the emergency came about and what could have been done to prevent it. Some of the reconstructions have been filmed at Brantford’s Municipal Airport.

Historical Drama - Murdoch Mysteries

The long-running CBC series Murdoch Mysteries has used Brantford’s historic buildings as backdrops for its episodes on a number of occasions. Detective William Murdoch has been seen strolling through Victoria Park Square and investigating murders on the Laurier Campus. Check out “The Murdoch Sting” episode, which features the Carnegie Building on George Street. In August 2020, Murdoch Mysteries was spotted filming a season fourteen episode in Brantford at the Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant.

Drama - The Cuban

A recent release, this movie invites you to share in the experiences of a pre-med student as she forges an unexpected friendship in the nursing home she works at with an elderly Cuban musician, who rekindles her love of music and changes her life forever. Starring Oscar winner Louis Gossett Jr., this film was shot almost entirely in Brantford.

Beyond the exposure and business opportunities that these projects bring to the area, many of the productions leave our community better than they found it. The producers of Awake, an upcoming Netflix original sci-fi thriller that was shot in Brantford, donated $5,000 toward Brantford's Grand Exhibit. The public art project showcases paintings from the Glenhyrst Art Gallery collection throughout downtown.




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