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Here’s the Scoop on Brantford’s Best Ice Cream

Here’s the Scoop on Brantford’s Best Ice Cream

With endless amounts of flavours, the ability to cool us down on hot August days, and the potential for Instagram-able moments, ice cream is one of our favourite summer treats. Whether you’re craving a simple dipped soft serve cone, a traditional two-scoop in a waffle cone, vegan options topped with fruit, or sundaes piled high with sweets and sauces, Brantford is home to so many incredible places to get your ice cream fix. Here are some of our favourite ice cream hot spots in Brantford; are we missing any? Be sure to share your own scoop, and let us know what your favourite menu item (or hidden menu item?) is!

Dairee Delite | 10 King George Rd.

A local institution for sure, Dairee Delite is one of those places where you’d direct tourists to if they want the full “Brantford experience.” This 50’s style walk-up ice cream shop offers a variety of sundae “Delites”, including a Banana Split (featured image) that you can customize with whichever toppings you choose. They also have vegan Dole soft serve, and never-ended array of flavour combinations that mean you never have to eat the same treat twice (unless you really want to… we’re looking at you Peanut Butter Delite super fans).

OMG Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt | 122 Colborne St. E.

Instagrammers love OMG for their “take the ordinary and make it extraordinary” treats. Founded in 2016, this shop makes a wide array of sundaes, dipped cones rolled in some of your favourite childhood cereals, ice cream sandwiches, and more. They also offer vegan Dole soft serve for anyone looking for a dairy-free option.

Lonnie’s on Market | 42 Market St.

Best known for its poutine, Lonnie’s also offers a variety of hard-scooped ice cream to grab during your next visit to downtown Brantford. Known for their “biggest bowl and best price in town,” Lonnie’s serves up scoops of Chapman’s ice cream and frozen yogurt, in flavours like Tiger Tail, Cotton Candy, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cherry Cheesecake, and Super Hero.

Lil’ Louie’s Eats & Sweets | 1146 Colborne St. E.

You’ve probably driven past this little shop, but have you stopped in for lunch or a treat? If you’re missing that Wonderland or county fair Funnel Cake, this is your spot! Choose from their signature funnel cakes like Black Forest, Neopolitan Tower (with three layers of funnel cake!), or even Funnel Cake Fries, or enjoy one of their signature sundaes topped with sauces and candies. They also have hard-scooped ice cream, Belgian waffles, and milkshakes!

Baskin Robbins | 53 King George Rd.

Home of the 31 flavours, Baskin Robbins is a great place to go if you’re craving hard scooped ice cream. Fan favourites include Pralines & Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Jamoca Almond Fudge, and Gold Medal Ribbon – a swirl of chocolate and vanilla with a ripple of soft caramel. Fun fact: You can make any ice cream (or combination of ice creams) into a milkshake!

Dairy Queen | 115 King George Rd. / 930 Colborne St. E. / 108 Colborne St. W.

With three locations right here in Brantford, Dairy Queen has always been loved for its traditional Banana Splits, Peanut Buster Parfaits, and their signature Blizzards. The next time you stop by for a cool treat, try something you haven’t tried before, or make your sundae or Blizzard by substituting toppings or combining your favourite flavours!  



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