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Have Fun With These DIY Lawn Games

Have Fun With These DIY Lawn Games

Lawn games are a classic summer activity and a great way to interact with friends and family while staying socially distant. A trip to your local hardware or art supply store will produce most of the items you need to make these games yourself at an affordable price tag, not to mention that a great DIY project is its own activity. Here are a few fun takes on some classic games.

Lady Bug & Bumble Bee Tic-Tac-Toe: Take a nature walk and select some smooth, paintable stones. Turn your stones into lady bugs and bumble bees with a little paint, create a bright grid with some side walk chalk and buddy up for a few rounds!

Hook & Ring: So simple, and yet, always has the ability to capture a player and even an audience. Grab a hook, a ring, some string and personalize your back board with some paint. I’m thinking a beach scene with the hook cleverly placed on a dolphin’s nose.

Bean Bag Bowl or Ladder Toss: You get to determine how many points each shot is worth. Make each round more challenging by moving farther away from the targets.

Giant Kubb: If you’ve never played Kubb before, check out this YouTube video for a brief introduction. All you need to get started is a field, ten wooden blocks and six wood batons made from dowels.

Giant Lawn Matching Game: draw or paint colourful pairs of matching images on large Bristol board or coroplast. Test your memory skills in this game for all ages.

Recycled Bottle Bowling: save your pop bottles, fill the bottom with a little sand or water to help stabilize, paint a classic bowling pin design or add your personal flare. Grab a ball and you have yourself a game!



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