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The Sky’s the Limit at the Bike Park!

The Sky’s the Limit at the Bike Park!

The Brantford Rotary Bike Park is open! It’s the perfect spot to go get some exercise, take your kids to blow off some steam, or enjoy a family hike on the nearby trail. The Bike Park is free to use and offers a wide selection of opportunities and challenge levels for beginners through to advanced riders.

Each area of the Bike Park is marked with signs to show each section’s difficulty level. Know your limits and ride within them to avoid injury to yourself and others:

  • Green circle (beginners): trails that feature small obstacles and/or rocks, and mostly even terrain.
  • Blue squares (intermediate): trails that feature slightly larger obstacles such as logs and rocks. They may also have some tighter turns and include log bridges.
  • Black diamonds (advanced): trails that feature technical terrain with unavoidable obstacles, drops up to 15 inches, steep downhill sections, tight turns, narrow bridges and small to mid-size jumps

The Bike Park is a safe space for novices and professionals to practice their skills. It includes a series of jumps and ramps that allow for safe skill progression. With beginner, intermediate and expert lines, cyclists are able to build on their abilities while getting more air on the bike to do tricks. The pump track allows for a full body workout that also improves rider efficiency.

Impressively, the Bike Park was referred to as "one of the best outdoor bike parks in Ontario" in the 2019 Cycling in Ontario Guide. The guide explains, "The Brantford Rotary Bike Park has been built with expertise, craftsmanship and attention to detail. A full day of fun for riders of all abilities with beginner, intermediate and advanced jumps, trails, pump tracks and a skills area."

Health and safety remains a top priority for the City of Brantford and its citizens. Although the Bike Park is open, strict social distancing measures remain in place. The Bike Park allows for a maximum of 15 people at any one time, with a time limit of 30 minutes per ride. Individuals must remain 2m/6ft apart. Failure to comply may result in fines and eviction from the park. Please note that all other regular park rules apply, and washroom facilities remain closed at this time.

For more information about the Brantford Rotary Bike Park, please visit the City of Brantford website or follow the Brantford Rotary Bike Park Facebook Page.

Brantford Rotary Bike Park | 390 Grand River Ave. | Brantford



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