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Volunteers Get the Job Done

Volunteers Get the Job Done

Now that we have tempted your taste buds with all the culinary delights that the Brantford International Village has to offer, let’s take a moment to recognize the true heroes of this festival...the Villages Volunteers. The backbone of any community event has always been the people that give selflessly of their time to help the event run smoothly. It will be a while before there can be large-scale events that will require many, many volunteers, but today we want to recognize, salute and thank the volunteers that help the Villages, and all Brantford events, be a truly exciting experience.

For the Brantford International Villages Cultural Festival, it takes over 2,900 incredible volunteers giving almost 130,690 volunteer hours to put on this award winning event. With positions ranging from Village Ambassadors, Village Mayors and greeters to the incredibly important food preparers, servers and cleaners, there are so many ways to be a part of this festival that brings so many people out to experience multiculturalism at its finest. Each month throughout the year, members from all the cultural villages come together to prepare for the next event. It’s the tireless dedication of these volunteers who have believed in this event for over 45 years that have built it into an event that the whole city enjoys, is proud of and welcomes everyone. Thank you, thank you to all the Villages Volunteers!

Volunteers are very special people. They give of their time and are able to bring a wealth of talent and experience to events. When we once again are able to gather and enjoy the many events that take place in our city, here are some resources to help find volunteer opportunities.

City of Brantford

Volunteering is a great way to support your community, earn volunteer hours, and build new skills. At the City of Brantford there are many volunteer opportunities available. Whether it’s assisting with special events, helping out at an historic site, or supporting a City program, there is something for everyone.

BRAVA (Brant Regional Association of Volunteer Administrators)

BRAVA is committed to support volunteerism in Brant County through educational workshops, special recognition events, promotion of volunteer opportunities, and by providing a network in which volunteer administrators are able to share ideas and best practices. 

YMCA Settlement Services

Dedicated to creating healthy communities where individuals and families have opportunities to reach their potential, the YMCA has volunteer opportunities to support their programs and events or to provide expertise and leadership. Whatever your talents, interests, or schedule, there is an opportunity for you to give back through the YMCA.

Grand Erie Immigration Partnership

This program, through the Workforce Planning Board of Grand Erie, helps immigrants settle into our community. By bringing together residents, community organizations and businesses it helps to develop strategies and actions that affect the economic, social, cultural and civic life of newcomers and communities. 

Volunteering In Ontario

Supported by the Government of Ontario, this portal can help you with information on how to get involved and volunteer in Ontario. Organizations can find information on recognizing skills and experiences gained through volunteering, along with ways to attract, manage and retain volunteers

Volunteer Canada

This registered charity was established to provide national leadership and expertise on volunteer engagement. Volunteer Canada aims to increase the participation, quality and diversity of volunteer experiences. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, volunteer roles and the needs of community organizations are changing rapidly. Volunteer Canada provides resources and information on: COVID-19 Volunteer Opportunities,Virtual Volunteering Opportunities and Resources on COVID-19 and Volunteering.




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