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Brantford International Villages Festival – All. The. Food. Part 2

Brantford International Villages Festival – All. The. Food. Part 2

We’re back! After a day of thinking of pretty much nothing but food (does that really differ from any other day), we’re exploring the rest of the cultural culinary delights that are popular at the Brantford International Villages Festival. Although we’re still wishing we were all gathered together to enjoy, Tourism Brantford hopes that you spend some time with your loved ones to learn about the different cultures and chefs here in Brantford. Schedule your next lunch or dinner at home and support our local, passionate Brantfordian chefs: 

Hungarian Village: Helen’s Hungarian Kitchen | 20 Roy Blvd., Brantford (in Our Kitchen Brantford) | 519-757-6527

There is no “liking” cabbage rolls if you’re Hungarian - there’s only love. This traditional comfort food is made with love and fresh ingredients by Helen’s Hungarian Kitchen, along with dishes like stuffed peppers, kiflis, and apple squares. Helen’s cabbage rolls regularly sell out, so make sure to get your order in so you won’t be disappointed. 

India & Muslim Villages: Apna Meats & Grill | 360 Conklin Rd., Unit E5, Brantford | 519-753-9999

Travel to West Brant to try some of the best Indian food you’ve ever had at Apna Meats & Grill. With dishes inspired by not only Grandma and Mum’s kitchens to the Indian Market kitchen and food bazaar, this restaurant offers a modern take on your favourite Indian dishes. Try some of their Indian street food dishes along with your traditional favourites. We can’t wait to order their Butter Chicken nachos as an appetizer! 

Admittedly, we don’t know a lot about Muslim food, so we did some research and learned all about Halal food, and learned that most the world’s Muslim population lives in Indonesia, which is home to nearly 13% of the world’s Muslims (followed by Pakistan and India). We also learned that there’s a big gap in the Indonesian food market in Brantford (hello chefs and investors!) Hey, Brantford - where do you get your favourite Halal food?

Italian Village: Pace’s Takeout & Catering | 432 Elgin St., Brantford | 519-753-0060

There’s just something about pasta, tomato sauce and melted cheese that makes us feel “at home.” From lasagna, to cannelloni, to chicken parmesan, to hand-rolled meatballs, Pace’s Takeout & Catering makes those comforting dishes that make family meals a success. Their dishes freeze beautifully as well, so pick up double when you’re getting your dinner to save some time on the night that you need it most.

Latin American Village: Florcita’s Classic Latin Foods |  79 Icomm Dr., Brantford (in the Brantford Farmers’ Market) 519-771-2683

Have you heard of Brantford’s “darn good salsa?” Florcita’s Classic Latin Food makes it, and we concur - it’s darn good! Their traditional salsa, mango salsa, and homemade tortilla chips are the perfect treat to bring to your next family gathering. Grab some tamales, papusa, Salvadoran enchiladas, empanadas, burritos and antijitos for home, and swing those hips to dance your Latin night away at home. 

New York, New York Village: Maria’s West | 242 Colborne St. W., Brantford | 519-753-2500

Sights! Lights! Nights! We may not be heading over the border to New York City any time soon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring a taste of NY home. One of our favourite New York treats is pizza, and Brantford certainly has a lot of wonderful pizza to choose from. Have you tried Maria’s West: Pizza Pasta Pastry in West Brant? Their pizza and pasta menus are plentiful, and you can round out your Little Italy menu with delicious Solely Cannoli desserts, made fresh daily.

Polish “Warszawa” & “Polonaise” Villages: Sausage Place | 84 Charing Cross St., #10A, Brantford | 519-753-2020

Eastern European food at its finest can be found at this quaint deli. Whether you are looking for meats and cheeses from the deli counter or tostock up your freezer, you’ve come to the right place to experience your own Polish Village at home. Indulge in pierogi, kapusta (sauerkraut), gołąbki (cabbage rolls) and so many flavours of kielbasa you will think have been transported to Krakow. The Sausage Place is a great place to brush up on your Polish, but they also speak English to help you with your order.

And if it’s one of those “big bottles of Polish beer” that you are looking for, the LCBO carries many imported favourites like Zubr, Zyviec and Tyskie. Sto lat! 

Ukranian Village: Ukranian Catholic Church, 100 Terrace Hill St.

Although regular food sales at the Ukranian Catholic Church were put on hold due to COVID-19, they have reopened as of June and they’re offering all of our favourite Ukranian dishes. Enjoy homemade potato pierogi, cabbage rolls, meatballs, borscht and shish kebabs from noon to 4pm on July 17 & 31 and August 14 & 28. 



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