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Brantford International Villages Festival – ‘Til We Eat Again

Brantford International Villages Festival – ‘Til We Eat Again

As we turn the calendar to the first week of July, thoughts in Brantford traditionally turn toward one of the City’s most vibrant and delicious signature events – the Brantford International Villages Cultural Festival. However, in what would have been their 47th consecutive year of presenting the festival, the Executive and Board of Directors suspended the event in the best interest of public safety. Even though the event will not be happening this year, let’s still find a way to keep the heart and essence of The Villages alive this year by honoring the event that draws thousands of people to Brantford to celebrate multi-culturalism. Over the next four days, we’ll highlight the best aspects of the Villages and help you find ways to celebrate your own Villages in a safe and exciting way.

Day 1: Opening Ceremonies – The Cutting of the Kielbasa

The official opening of the Villages Festival is a sight to be seen. Each year on Day 1 at the Village Poloniase at the Polish Hall on Pearl Street, Festival executive organizers, the local MP, MPP and Mayor gather for the ceremonial kick off to the Villages. Instead of a red ribbon to cut to start the event, a long link of Polish kielbasa is held by all and they each cut through it.

To have your own kick-off to the Villages, here are some great places in town to find delicious Polish kielbasa. Smacznego!

Brant Food Centre
94 Grey St., Brantford

D&J Sausage Factory
165 Hachborn Ave., Brantford

Huzul’s Meat & Deli
139 Pearl St., Brantford

Sausage Place
84 Charing Cross St., #10A, Brantford

Strodes BBQ & Deli
403 Fairview Ave., Brantford


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