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Hot Days Call for Locally-Made Cool Drinks

Hot Days Call for Locally-Made Cool Drinks

Lounging on your porch and cracking open a cold beverage on a hot day is one of the greatest, relaxing moments of summer. Take an extra indulgent trip to downtown Brantford (or order by phone or app) to try out some of our area’s most refreshing local, handmade beverages. From delicious iced teas and kombuchas, to fresh fruit smoothies, to milk teas with a unique East Asian flair, downtown Brantford’s beverage selection will have you coming back time and time again to cool off from the spring (?!) and summer heat. 

Bistro Seven | 139 Clarence St. | 519-754-4799

If you’re looking for a healthy smoothie, this is a great place to stop. This small business is known for a great food and drink menu that is able to adapt to changing dietary needs, such as vegan and gluten free diets. Order from Bistro Seven for takeout or through Uber Eats. We love their gluten free protein smoothies as healthy meal alternative. If you need a morning boost, try their Wake Me Up smoothie, which includes vanilla or chocolate protein, banana, espresso powder, almond powder, maple syrup, cocoa powder, brewed coffee and almond milk.

Healthy Rabbit | 105 Brant Ave. | 519-900-2912

Healthy Rabbit is well known in Brantford for their delicious healthy bowls, but you don’t want to forget their superfood smoothie menu! Using unique ingredients that will give you the boost you need to get through a busy (or lazy) day, Healthy Rabbit boasts 11 different smoothies, including: Hibiscus Raspberry (raspberries, hibiscus, mint, chlorophyll, banana, dates); and Mint Chocolate Chip (cocoa, cacao nibs, cashews, chlorophyll, mint, banana, homemade coconut milk, maple syrup). Try out their homemade kombucha, wellness shots and wide variety of tea and coffee beverages, too. Follow Healthy Rabbit on Facebook or Instagram and order on their website or via Uber Eats.

Moon Tea | 75 Dalhousie St. | 519-753-9088

Moon Tea opened in Brantford, adjacent to Harmony Square, in 2019. If you love unique flavours, and a little bit of adventure, these drinks boast amazing flavours and textures like no other. If you’re a bit intimidated by these East Asian flavours, stop in and ask one of their baristas for a bit of help choosing. For example, “taro” is a root that gives drinks a pale lavender hue, but it tastes a lot like vanilla; and sesame makes your drinks a bit of a grey colour, but tastes like a toasty version of traditional sesame seeds! Follow Moon Tea on Facebook or Instagram and order through Skip the Dishes or Uber Eats to have your drinks delivered to your home or office.

Tea Hut Brantford | 128 Dalhousie St. | 519-757-1888

A favourite with Laurier students, this downtown Brantford restaurant features a simplified menu of delicious drinks with an East Asian flair. Many of their drinks can be made from either green or black tea, and in hot or cold versions, and feature delicious fruit flavours and fun add ins, like shredded fruity jelly, popping boba, and tapioca pearls. Their fresh smoothies hit the spot in unique flavours like kiwi, passion fruit and hibiscus, or opt for a sweeter treat like their bubble milk tea in Oreo, coconut, almond or banana.

Wine and Beer

Some weekends or evenings might call for something a little different. Visit our earlier blogs on local wine and beer. Cheers!




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