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It's finally gardening season!

It's finally gardening season!

We’ve been waiting patiently for the sun to shine, and nights to be warm, so that we can start planting! Now that garden centres are open, we can now change up our annual pots and planters, and find some new perennials or veggie plants to add to our gardens and beds.

Remember that when you’re entering any business, you will want to maintain social distancing and respect each of the businesses’ requirements. Some may require masks, some may limit the number of people in the store at one time, and some may have age restrictions; please make sure that you pay attention to their posted notices and respect these businesses’ wishes during this difficult time.

Antler Services Inc.

40 Roy Blvd., Brantford | 519-753-6433

Antler Services Inc. is a family owned and operated business with a beautiful garden centre and retail store. Their garden centre is stocked with fruit and shade trees, evergreens, ornamentals, tropical, grasses, ground covers, mosses and more. They also offer planting and delivery so that if you’re more of a red thumb than a green thumb, they can make sure to get you started off right. Learn more about Antler Services Inc. on their website, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


Nicol Florist

846 Colborne St., Brantford | 519-752-3142

Nicol Florist doesn’t just sell beautiful arrangements for your home – their outdoor space includes hundreds of beautiful plants that you can enjoy outdoors. This family operated business has been open in Brantford since 1957, and they’re a great spot to browse for your next plant. Learn more about Nicol Florist on their website, Facebook or Instagram.


Perennials Plus

343 Erie Ave., Brantford | 226-802-8842 

This quaint plant business has been serving Brantford and area for over 20 years. They are known for providing quality plants at reasonable prices, and ensuring that they only sell plants that thrive in our area. Learn more about Perennials Plus on their website, Facebook or Instagram.


R&M Walgraeve Garden Centre

721 Park Rd. N., Brantford | 519-757-1505

This family run business has been growing since 1984 and retailing their beautiful plants since 1998. They are known for their annual and perennial bedding plants, which add a hit of colour and personality to your outdoor oasis. Learn more about R&M Walgraeve Garden Centre on Facebook.





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