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Bhava Tree Yoga Brings Online Wellness to a Complex World

Bhava Tree Yoga Brings Online Wellness to a Complex World

In this ever changing world, it is hard to understand how to navigate and adapt to it. These constant changes can be especially hard to understand for young children. It is important to help our young people stay focused and guide them through this uncertain time. And its businesses like Bhava Tree that have adapted to our evolving online connections to help bring peace and balance to the youngest members of our community.

Bhava Tree’s mission is “To help children develop an overall attitude of wellness in an increasingly complex and chaotic world”. That pretty much sums up our current daily life. Bhava Tree’s Sheryl Puckering believes that instilling knowledge into children about their own health and wellness will help them with their daily lives.

Bhava Tree has been operating as a home based yoga studio for over 15 years in Brantford, but as we are all practicing social distancing, Bhava Tree has adjusted their service delivery to support the needs of their clients and the public in general. Miss Sheryl posts 2-3 videos a week and tries to have them posted in the mornings so that teachers can direct their online students and families to a video as part of their virtual learning day. All the videos are saved and available on the Bhava Tree YouTube channel and the Bhava Tree Facebook page. There is also a Bhava Tree Instagram account where Miss Sheryl announces when a new video has been uploaded.

Miss Sheryl’s videos help to guide young minds through Mindful Moments, “anchoring” exercises, breathing techniques, self-care and relaxation. She addresses her audience in a very friendly and endearing manner. Children truly enjoy Miss Sheryl’s calm presentation, unique use of familiar props & toys and kind attitude.

Miss Sheryl’s message is this, “My hope with the videos is that our children and families can enjoy a pause in their day to breathe, hear a calming voice, move their bodies, learn and practice a new tool in mindfulness that they can come back to. Mostly, my hope is that our children feel "heard", acknowledged and know they are loved.”

“I have been thinking a lot about our children and what they are experiencing and what they will remember about these unprecedented times. My hope is that our children will remember that they were able to be in their homes with their families, that there was more time to do the things that in our regular busy chaotic life we find difficult to fit in- like cooking, baking, playing games” says Miss Sheryl. “Our little ones need time to talk and share their feelings, fears and dreams. This is the time to really listen to them.”

“As a teacher, I'd love to reassure parents that your children's learning at this time will be ok. Don't be too hard on yourselves. Our learners are resilient and they will bounce back when it is time to go back to their classrooms.” Sheryl Puckering is a qualified teacher with a B.Ed. and a B.A.Sc, specializing in Child Studies. She has taught Kindergarten through to Grade 3, along with Special Education and currently provides enrichment programs for gifted students from Grades 4 through 8. Sheryl is a graduate of the DevaTree School of Yoga with certification in the HeartRise Yoga for Children Training program. Sheryl is an instructor and mentor for Roots of Empathy and spends time in local schools working with students, families and teachers.

So find a comfortable space, calm your mind and you and your children can watch Miss Sheryl’s videos on Bhava Tree’s Facebook page or subscribe to the Bhava Tree YouTube Channel to check out past episodes. Namaste.



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