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Treat a Friend (or Yourself) to Bakery-Inspired Bath Products!

Treat a Friend (or Yourself) to Bakery-Inspired Bath Products!

Bathtub Bakery, the yummy little scent-filled shop that can create any (and we mean any!) of your favourite bakery treats in bath-ready form, is going strong to bring you a recipe for relaxation at a time you likely need it most. Due to current restrictions, Brianne Lavallee has temporarily closed her gem of a store in downtown Brantford (35 King Street), but is headed back to her roots, bubbling up her clever creations from home. 

Ever the entrepreneur, Brianne has discovered innovative ways to adapt her business in this changing climate, including finding alternatives for isopropyl alcohol, a short-supply key ingredient for hand sanitizer, as well as many of her bath and body products.  She has been moved by the amount of local connection and collaboration throughout the small business community, has developed new relationships and secured closer-to-home suppliers that will benefit her business long after the conclusion of COVID-19.

Bathtub Bakery specializes in unique, bakery-inspired bath and body treats that are made to look just like your favourite desserts. Virtual shelves are filled to the brim with cupcakes for your shower, soapsicles (soap that looks just like popsicles), donut-shaped and decorated bath bombs, and candles that look like a gloriously delicious sundae topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. Other aromatherapy products include essential oil room sprays, bath teas, and rollers in scents like For Fresh Sakes, Monstrosi-tea, and Snooze Flash!

Dreams of fun dessert indulgence are a welcome diversion from the realities that many of us and those we love have been thrust into over the last few weeks. This is an uncharted and challenging time for many, including stressed out moms trying to juggle work-from-home while becoming a newly floundering substitute teacher, essential services providers putting in extra hours on the job to ensure we have access to necessities, and our front-line medical superheroes that are staring the adversary straight in the face. Brianne has been touched by her many customers that have arranged surprise gift delivery at another address, and would be thrilled to help you offer some stress relief, relaxation, a simple “Thank you” or “I’m thinking of you” to a friend or loved one who is doing their part during this crisis. Or maybe, you need a little delicious downtime to #TREATyourself! As Brianne always says, “When in doubt, take a bath!”

Shop local Bath, Body and Fragrance online at and custom orders can be requested by emailing Until the store reopens, free delivery is being offered in Brantford and shipping is available for addresses across Canada. Use coupon code SHOPSMALLBIZ to save an additional 15% off your entire order.




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