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OMG, is it ice cream season?!

OMG, is it ice cream season?!

What better way to spend a hot summer day than going to an ice cream shop and having a delicious cool down treat? 

With a slogan of “taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary,” OMG Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt is the place to try this year. Located at 122 Colborne Street West in Brantford, this tiny shop hands out enormous, decadent, and definitely Instagram-able delights.

Founded in June 2016, OMG Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt is a locally-owned family ice cream shop that provides friendly customer service and delicious frozen treats all at a very affordable prize. 

The shop doesn’t just serve ice cream and sundaes; they also offer a wide variety of frozen yogurt, vegan and dairy free treats, Brain Freezes, Flurries, milkshakes, breakfast cones (soft serve rolled in some of your favourite childhood cereals), OMG sundaes (much more than your average hot fudge), ice cream cakes, ice cream sandwiches, and much more. Whatever you order, don’t forget to share your choice on social media with the hashtag #DiscoverBrantford. 

Opening their season in the early spring through to the end of summer, OMG Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt offers gift cards, weekly deals, and take home cakes for your family and friends to enjoy.

With local contests, and community support, OMG takes pride in being locally owned and operated and is fast becoming a summer Brantford staple.

Visit their Facebook page for up-to-date hours and specials!


Please remember to respect physical distancing guidelines and remain 6 ft apart from other individuals who do not live in your household.  Wash your hands frequently and wear a face covering if you have one.



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