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International Women's Day: You're All Influencers!

International Women's Day: You're All Influencers!

You are an Influencer!

March 8th – International Women’s Day - is a day we celebrate women’s achievements throughout history. This is the time we look back at the trailblazers; those who championed the cause and got us to where we are today.   There’s Susan B. Anthony, Nellie McClung, and Gloria Steinem—women, who through sacrifice and determination, pushed women’s rights to the next level. 

But along with the heavy hitters, there are women in each of our lives who influenced us and propelled us forward.  My mom always comes to mind; a person who would never have considered herself a trailblazer but who definitely influenced me and shaped the person I am today. 

Mom grew up during the depression – married my Dad after the war - bought a dairy farm and raised 9 children. Mom passed away in 2013 and although you tend to start to forget some things; you never forget a person’s values and the impact they have on your life.  Mom believed hard work always paid off – and if you’re a farmer, business owner, or entrepreneur, you know the alternative is not an option.  She believed that problems and setbacks are part of life and that our job is to find solutions and make it work.  Mom never suffered from “it’s all about me” syndrome and realized early on that her life was much bigger then herself.   

When we look at the women who set the bar for the women’s movement, I think they would not have accomplished what they did if they didn’t hold the same values as my mom. 

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, I hope we all realize that we don’t have to make the top 10 list of trailblazers to make a difference and to impact those around us.

Submitted by:    Mae Legg, Senior Small Business Consultant, Brantford-Brant Business Resource Centre


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